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  • Stop the daily lie - A caller to this show made an excellent point but it took a while for the point to sink in. It’s the correct reaction to the daily lie being told to us by the media about the office of USA president. The lie is that THE PRESIDENT controls our destiny. According to both candidates for [...]
  • Your Place in History - We are in a battle that we don’t realize, and we’re losing. It’s a battle as old as mankind. Go back as far as you choose, even back to cavemen and you’ll find that individuals cherish liberty. As individuals we prefer to do what we want to, when we want to, where we want to. [...]
  • Privacy? What privacy? - Tell me about your privacy. You can buy 160 acres and put your home right in the middle of it so no one can see what you are doing. Or you can own a home in town and put up a high fence and keep your blinds drawn tight so no one can see what [...]
  • Texting Changes Your Reality - I have a theory to share with you. I have observed that younger generations now communicate very differently than older generations and that is having a significant consequences which I’ll reveal. My theory is a variation of the old phrase, “you are what you eat”. What you take in, you put out. If you’re raised [...]