Let's Talk About It!

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Host John Panesko in the Studio

About the Show

For decades, Let’s Talk About It has been an incredibly popular daily gathering place for the Southwest Washington State community to share experiences and ideas. We deal with con artists after our money, with politicians willing to lie to get our votes, with media willing to sacrifice others to make a buck, with private companies and government bureaucracies more interested in protecting their turf than in serving others, and how do we allow development without losing our “small-town” atmosphere? We talk about how do we give our kids freedom without losing them to the dark side, how do we forgive others without endorsing intolerable behavior and how do we deal with issues that confront us in our daily lives?

We don’t have all the answers, but we have some. At least we can begin thinking about the issues so we can talk about them intelligently, around the dinner table, and with our friends. Once in a while someone will have a great solution that we can all use. It’s just a bunch of us gathered around to talk about today.

We invite you to listen in.

The “rules” are simple.

1. No name-calling

2. If you have an opinion, be ready to tell us your basis for it. Contrary points of view are welcome.

About John Panesko

John Panesko is an established lawyer who has lived here all his life. His father was born here in 1907, and his grandfather settled here in the late 1800′s. He has earned a reputation for honesty and fairness and openness. He has a wealth of local experiences and enjoys helping others tell their story and state their case on any issue.

When John’s grandfather rode into town on horseback for supplies, he would sit around the stove at the store and talk about the news of the day. John is carrying on that old tradition with Let’s Talk About It.

Unlike most talk show hosts John admits when he’s wrong or when you have a better point of view. His theme is “we’re all in this together” and that’s his attitude towards finding the answers to problems we all face.

Site Disclaimer

This program is for entertainment purposes, to make you think. If you rely on anything said on this program without checking it out for yourself, you need your head examined.

No part of the Let’s Talk About It! audio program may be reproduced, stored, rebroadcast, posted to the Internet, or transcribed, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, without prior written authorization from Panesko Publishing.