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  • End of posting - After a huge investment to create this new website, we are now told that we cannot post our radio show here. Period. We¬†will announce on the radio show if/when we create another website to accept the daily audio posting. We’re sorry.
  • Friday Sept 28 - Internet attacks on major banks this week, Obamacare chasing doctors out of the system, Toledo burglar stole a ton of stuff and escaped on a bicycle?, Obama will be known as greatest president (?), with all these new community medical clinics do we need Obamacare?, are needy people the basis of political power?, liberals want [...]
  • Thursday Sept 27 - Hidden taxes in Obamacare, 3 tips to succeed in an occupation, why doesn’t Romney say things clearly like we do?, University of Texas is buying gold – why?, to get rich buy what other people aren’t – don’t follow the parade, balance your financial life with a rich spiritual life, why aren’t people outraged at [...]
  • Wednesday Sept 26 - First time landlords beware of the traps awaiting, of course pot addicts will say it doesn’t bother anyone, not enough town hall meetings from congresswoman, she held a town hall meeting in Rochester, 3.5% excise tax coming next year?, 3.8% excise tax will be on un-earned income only, liberals interrupt town hall meetings – conservatives [...]
  • Tuesday Sept 25 - Seahawks scored touchdown on final play, what are original ref’s demands?, see the hanging baskets in Castle Rock, promotion of musical concert series, we should protect civil liberties of each others, wrong to limit criticism of religion, too often we vote to pay for things with other people’s taxes, criticized cop for speeding and got [...]
  • Monday Sept 24 - Health insurance companies required to cut helpful services, New Orleans banning religious speech on Bourbon Street, “47%” is made up of various categories and not everyone is “in the wagon”, caller has smoked marijuana for 30 years, regulations passed by president seriously affect the economy, too many corporations pay no taxes, marijuana smoker admitted she [...]
  • Friday Sept 21 - Where are the mosquitoes?, defendant trying to avoid going to court, Gov. Gregoire absent from the news lately, ultra-rich who support tax increases pay lawyers to avoid the tax, Philadelphia man cleaned up lot and was fined for it, forest fires hard on those with asthma, why don’t police pick up glass from car crashes?, [...]
  • Thursday Sept 20 - Are new WSP cars made in Australia?, WSP rejecting applicants who have shared prescription drugs (a felony), caller found marijuana growing in the wild, charter school issue is really a unionization issue, you can’t fight the teachers unions, can WA make pot legal when the feds say it’s a crime?, movie: Last Ounce of Freedom [...]
  • Wednesday Sept 19 - Internet estate documents with errors will cause lucrative legal cases, Libyan ambassador was a peaceful man, do amputees with artificial limbs belong in the Olympics?, WA state will buy 200 Chevrolets for the WSP, The Cat’s Meow of Lewis County traps feral cats 623-0820, top school salaries for Kelso/Longview $100,000+, increasing reliance on gov’t will [...]
  • Tuesday Sept 18 - Man chases after bike thieves, calorie limits on school lunches cause problems, candidate forum coming on Oct 11, fuel use down nationwide, Kennewick police telephone solicitation, politicians lie about their opponent as a last resort, this election is a choice between different theories of government, why is stock market going up?, it’s legal to lie [...]
  • Monday Sept 17 - Vandals burn bleachers at Montesano high school, why would woman stop in I-5 lane?, why do people stop at RR crossings?, can homes be protected from fire with aluminum wrap?, Federal Way issued 10,000 camera speeding tickets, how do you know “when children are present”?, why can’t they teach kids to be careful around streets?, [...]
  • Friday Sept 14 - Driving home a fire truck is risky, higher pay encourages bad teachers to stay, despite media reports – the recession continues to get worse, a college education does not produce a job, why a double-wide in downtown Centralia?, we miss the old downtown building, the double-wide is a temporary office during remodeling, regardless of how [...]
  • Thursday Sept 13 - Okay to look at sun through the smoke?, Chevy Volt has one engine and one motor, The Amateur by Klein is excellent description of Barack Obama, hope leads us to trust someone we don’t know, reporters coordinating questions to embarrass candidate, reporter was looking for specific facts to fill a story, gov’t buying Chevy to [...]
  • Wednesday Sept 12 - Centralia taking down political signs on public right-of-way, safe to answer your front door?, Willapa dike being removed to restore “natural” area, DNC had photo of Russian ships during veteran tribute, Middle East policy must be more strict, don’t waste time trying to convert those who won’t, strict attitude is the only thing that works, [...]
  • Tuesday Sept 11 - WSP SUV sending tickets to owners of speeding vehicles, banning high-alcohol drinks in city centers, Oregon biker rally closed to avoid violence, service animal exception being abused, $250 buys a “service animal” kit, post office prohibits all but seeing eye dogs, Thurston County commissioner opposed for property rights stand, how can blind read the seeing-eye-dog [...]
  • Monday Sept 10 - Chicago teachers on strike, Chevy Volt costs $89,000 to build, DNC vote on God was horrible treatment of voters, delegates could have called for “division”, amazed at behavior of the chairman, woman onstage told chair to do what “they” wanted, 7 Tipping Points of History by Stewart, plumber fined for not having state number on [...]
  • Friday Sept 7 - Joe Biden defending values of 50 years ago, Thurston Co. defending threatened species, state killing state-introduced wolves, Obama 940 executive orders shows he’s taking over the country, vote over God at Democrat convention was outrageous violation of rights, 2016 really opens your eyes, 2016 shows the ideology of the president, wolf viciously attacked a woman [...]
  • Thursday Sep 6 - 2016 demonstrates anti-colonialism and voting by guilt, electing Obama was an emotional act, Democrats see gov’t as the united factor, an anti-colonialist is a Marxist, Obama supports the occupy movement but not the tea party movement, the vote to put “God” back in the platform was not clear, are we now paying to put illegal [...]
  • Wednesday Sep 5 - Food prices not going up as much as feared, stock market doesn’t move as much as suggested, politicians use “middle class” as a ploy, 2016 teaches a lot about Barack Obama, no charges at tavern fight because of “mutual combat”, 2016 not as expected, 2016 excellent and informative, 2016 makes you realize what is really [...]
  • Tuesday Sep 4 - Bridge closure coming, DUI cost half a million dollars, 3 adults electrocuted in water-filled ditch, movie 2016 reveals family of Obama as media should have, employee shoots intruder into real estate office, 2016 protesters couldn’t find objection to movie until the end, 2016 shows the danger of a united Muslim world, WWII generation is wonderful [...]