Let's Talk About It!

with host John Panesko

Friday Sept 21

Where are the mosquitoes?, defendant trying to avoid going to court, Gov. Gregoire absent from the news lately, ultra-rich who support tax increases pay lawyers to avoid the tax, Philadelphia man cleaned up lot and was fined for it, forest fires hard on those with asthma, why don’t police pick up glass from car crashes?, our bodies are so different that drugs affect us differently, it’s the job of the wrecker driver to sweep up the glass, campaign ad song is insulting, gov’t cutting back front-line workers but keeping managers, towing truck operator is supposed to clean up the glass.

Thursday Sept 20

Are new WSP cars made in Australia?, WSP rejecting applicants who have shared prescription drugs (a felony), caller found marijuana growing in the wild, charter school issue is really a unionization issue, you can’t fight the teachers unions, can WA make pot legal when the feds say it’s a crime?, movie: Last Ounce of Freedom explains how we’re losing our liberty, marijuana is a good thing (or it’s not as bad as some things), if religious morality is removed – what guide do we have for our lives?

Wednesday Sept 19

Internet estate documents with errors will cause lucrative legal cases, Libyan ambassador was a peaceful man, do amputees with artificial limbs belong in the Olympics?, WA state will buy 200 Chevrolets for the WSP, The Cat’s Meow of Lewis County traps feral cats 623-0820, top school salaries for Kelso/Longview $100,000+, increasing reliance on gov’t will change our form of gov’t, the majority will choose easy evil over difficult good, retired school superintendent used to do it all, will our gov’t even last until the next election?, hope Romney hasn’t given up on 47% of the voters.

Tuesday Sept 18

Man chases after bike thieves, calorie limits on school lunches cause problems, candidate forum coming on Oct 11, fuel use down nationwide, Kennewick police telephone solicitation, politicians lie about their opponent as a last resort, this election is a choice between different theories of government, why is stock market going up?, it’s legal to lie in political ads, kindergarden not for everyone, if school lunch isn’t enough – bring your own, abandoned house has dozens of cats roaming, couldn’t wait to get out of kindergarden, how can teachers demand more money in this economy?

Monday Sept 17

Vandals burn bleachers at Montesano high school, why would woman stop in I-5 lane?, why do people stop at RR crossings?, can homes be protected from fire with aluminum wrap?, Federal Way issued 10,000 camera speeding tickets, how do you know “when children are present”?, why can’t they teach kids to be careful around streets?, is your cell phone bill confidential from your spouse?, media concentration on president gives us an unrealistic expectation of gov’t help, gov’t substitutes for individual backbone, brochures in mail attack Rob McKenna unfairly, Bush criticized by the media but Obama is not