Let's Talk About It!

with host John Panesko

Friday Sept 28

Internet attacks on major banks this week, Obamacare chasing doctors out of the system, Toledo burglar stole a ton of stuff and escaped on a bicycle?, Obama will be known as greatest president (?), with all these new community medical clinics do we need Obamacare?, are needy people the basis of political power?, liberals want to rule conservatives but not vice versa, doubling of driver license fee will hurt poor people, medical students bailing out of school because of Obamacare, river dredges are available now at what cost?, is the nation headed towards civil war?, we can live our lives without dependence on free medical care.

Thursday Sept 27

Hidden taxes in Obamacare, 3 tips to succeed in an occupation, why doesn’t Romney say things clearly like we do?, University of Texas is buying gold – why?, to get rich buy what other people aren’t – don’t follow the parade, balance your financial life with a rich spiritual life, why aren’t people outraged at Social Security funding cut in half?

Wednesday Sept 26

First time landlords beware of the traps awaiting, of course pot addicts will say it doesn’t bother anyone, not enough town hall meetings from congresswoman, she held a town hall meeting in Rochester, 3.5% excise tax coming next year?, 3.8% excise tax will be on un-earned income only, liberals interrupt town hall meetings – conservatives don’t, discussion of the word “addiction”, 3.8% excise tax is only on those earning over $250,000/year, Romney supporters create wealth – Obama supporters receive wealth, pot smokers quit because they weren’t getting anything done.

Tuesday Sept 25

Seahawks scored touchdown on final play, what are original ref’s demands?, see the hanging baskets in Castle Rock, promotion of musical concert series, we should protect civil liberties of each others, wrong to limit criticism of religion, too often we vote to pay for things with other people’s taxes, criticized cop for speeding and got a ticket for no mud flaps, there is no basis in the law for requiring seat belts, the existence of gov’t programs encourages crude behavior, caller received a personal “thank you” note for a political contribution, gov’t restricts abilities of charities.

Monday Sept 24

Health insurance companies required to cut helpful services, New Orleans banning religious speech on Bourbon Street, “47%” is made up of various categories and not everyone is “in the wagon”, caller has smoked marijuana for 30 years, regulations passed by president seriously affect the economy, too many corporations pay no taxes, marijuana smoker admitted she is a criminal – urging others to be criminals too, local businesses have open jobs with no qualified applicants.