Let's Talk About It!

with host John Panesko

Your Place in History

We are in a battle that we don’t realize, and we’re losing. It’s a battle as old as mankind.

Go back as far as you choose, even back to cavemen and you’ll find that individuals cherish liberty. As individuals we prefer to do what we want to, when we want to, where we want to. As individuals we cherish liberty.

But as societies we don’t get liberty, we get tyrants and oppression. Again, go back as far as you choose, even back to cavemen and you’ll find that societies consist of tyrants who gather power and then rule over others. The strong dominate the weak.

It is the natural state of mankind for the strongest to enslave the weakest. Look at every civilization over thousands of years and it’s a long list of enslavement by those who can amass power over others. Even the Cowlitz Indians who greeted Simon Plamondon, the first white settler in Washington, had slaves. The chief ruled the tribe and the weakest were enslaved. That happened here and it wasn’t that long ago.

So what the founding fathers of the United States did was hugely different. It was highly unusual. They established a set of rules to protect individual liberty against tyrants. In order to protect liberty from the well-known history of political leaders seizing power, the founding fathers made government to protect individual liberty.

The primary task of the US Constitution Bill of Rights is to guard our individual liberty (the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) which comes not from government, but from God. Liberty comes directly from God to us. Do not pass Congress and do not collect $200.

This hugely different concept is one which the US has tried to spread around the world with mixed results. The results are mixed because it’s the natural inclination of mankind for the strong to take more and more power and for the weakest to give up power (usually for the promise of security) until they find themselves enslaved.

To preserve our individual liberty we must constantly push back against that natural inclination of mankind to allow the bullies to rule the school yard or rule Olympia or rule Washington D. C. Power-hungry politicians are working overtime to get more power. Every government job is someone’s family income and they will not give up their jobs without a fight. Look at Greece. Look at Wisconsin.

Every generation has to do something, has to take a strong stand, has to create a movement, has to do something to fight back against the constant pressure from the bullies who want to rule our lives.

For most of our history, liberty won that battle every time. But something changed around the time of Franklin Roosevelt. Instead of claiming power for themselves, Congress claimed power for the poor. It was a false claim because all the power was sent to Congress, but they did it in the name of the poor so no one would oppose them. And it worked.

Over the decades we gave up more of the money we earned, and we gave up more of our liberty to be free from government regulation. Once the government saw it could seize power in the name of good intentions towards others, it grew and grew, even though we have the same problems today that we had before those programs were started.

In several generations no one has had the courage to push back against the inexorable growth of government. No one wanted to seem to be against “the poor” or “the hungry” or “the homeless” so we accepted more government along with its regulations and its taxes and its imposition into every aspect of every life. We now support a government ten times as big but we still have the poor, the hungry and the homeless.

The sham of good intentions cannot be accepted as justification for bigger government. The loss of liberty cannot be shrugged off as inevitable. Each generation must push back the tide of leaders who “only” want just a little more of our liberty so they can add to their power, even if they hide behind the poor and the hungry and the homeless.

Today is the place in history for our generation to push back. I am pushing back with my words to you and my encouragement to others. Will you take this baton from me and push back by talking to your friends or by sending them the link to this page?

Doing nothing means we will continue to lose ground. Doing something will start to repay those who gave their lives to protect our liberty – a liberty which we must refuse to give away voluntarily – no matter what the politicians promise us.

Will you join me in pushing back, today?